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Find and Build is local, experienced and highly knowledgeable. Founded in 2000, we are Brighton & Hove’s longest-running search agency and as such our experience and local knowledge allow us exclusive access to properties that are either not yet on the open market or – for whatever reason – have been allowed to drop off the radar.

Having always dealt with properties in Brighton & Hove, our services have now been extended to cover Lewes and St Ives (Cornwall) and the surrounding areas.


We are an independent search agency. Whilst estate agents are obliged to represent the seller, we solely represent the buyer. Find and Build has no conflicting interests. Everything we do, we do for you. We save you time, and we save you money. We are committed to finding you exactly what you want: your perfect property.


Excellent working relationships with local estate agents, builders, developers, architects, solicitors, landlords and other property professionals mean that we are fortunate enough to possess an extensive network of contacts. Using these contacts, Find and Build consistently and successfully challenges a property market traditionally biased towards the seller. Estate agents value our approach. They work harder to meet the needs of clients represented by Find and Build. We are well-positioned to negotiate the best possible price.


Find and Build have a reputation for sourcing unusual, rare and niche market properties. Properties which can be reconfigured, have legal complexities that can be resolved or some sort of angle.


We understand the stresses and frustration that can go hand-in-hand with property purchasing, which is why Find and Build promises:

  • to provide you with advice that is wholly objective;


  • to dedicate itself to working – discretely and effectively - on your behalf;

  • and to do our utmost to help you in finding the property of your dreams.

In addition to the above, as a point of honour, we will always tell you at the first opportunity as to whether we believe a particular property search is truly achievable. We know. It’s what we’re good at. We’re honest, plain-speaking, and result orientated.

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